AVOCADO = 100 YEN!!!

🍋🥑 8月のCITRONはアボカド月間!明日から9/3まで身体にいいアボカドをたくさん食べてくださいね!通常240円のところ100円でおまかせサラダやオーダーメイドサラダにトッピングできます😉ボナペティ!
🍋🥗 Avocado month!! From tomorrow and during all August it’s the Avocado month at @citron_aoyama!! For only 100 yen you can add Avocado in our Omakase salads or in your order-made salads 😉 Bon Appétit!! *Promotion is available everyday until Sep3rd and applied toward the purchase of Omakase or Order-made salads only.